About Me

I’m a self-taught, natural light photographer and graphic designer. I’ve worked in tiny design firms, huge advertising agencies and am proud to be a girl boss now. I like my coffee hot and my wine red. When I’m not drooling over a new font or fellow photographer’s work you’ll probably find me in the kitchen experimenting with my newest vegan concoction.

I’m a regular old momma to 3 of the sweetest tiny humans I know and wife to a seriously smart man. Me and the hubs also have a company named Wood & Co. where we help small business owners with their photography, design & online marketing. Visit us at www.woodandcocreative.ca.

I have a thing for people who speak before they think, laugh with their entire face, listen to loud music and live their passion. The people who wear their heart on their sleeve, drink red wine and know it's ok to cry.

I have a thing for the ocean, a bright blue sky and dirt on my feet. There's nothing like salt water, flowers and connecting with nature to soothe our souls. I have a thing for kids with dirty faces, overwhelming imaginations and paint on their hands.

I have a thing for beautiful photography. I think it should be sincere, make you feel something and be full of nature and life. Capturing these little bits of things that I love with my camera has become my passion, the way I connect to myself and others.

“Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.”

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