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Preston is such a gorgeous little boy. I love the way that light falls across his face, his long eyelashes and tiny baby lips. I shot this session at their home, and while we had some trouble getting Preston to sleep at the start, he finally went off to dreamland and I had a solid 20 minutes of shooting before he woke up again.

Even though newborn sessions are usually about 3 hours, a lot of that time is spent feeding, settling and just waiting for baby to go to sleep enough for me to pose them. It does take a lot of patience, but it’s always worth the wait.

Here are a few of Preston from Monday’s session. I’m especially loving the simple black and white shots. Congratulations Sukhi and Suhkay!


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My girls love art. Both of them have been in love with it about it since they were finger painting. Yesterday I bought them some wooden boxes from the dollar store to paint while I finished up my work… this is how they came in after 20 minutes!

I’m pretty sure Lacey knew her colour wheel before the alphabet. She has always had this need to get her creative energy out, through writing, drawing, painting or whatever other item she decides to ‘make’ from random stuff she could find around the house. I love it, although her messes get trying sometimes!

One thing I’ve always tried to teach our kids is that they don’t have to be good at everything. I’ve always believed that we each have things that we are passionate about, and that thing that makes us happy, that we can get lost in, is a gift. It’s what we’re intended to do with our lives. That’s my biggest hope for all three of my kids… that they find what they love and they throw their whole souls into it.





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Edmonton’s Child Magazine does an amazing job of producing a Family Guide once a year that has literally everything you could imagine for Edmonton and surrounding areas. As always, design and the cover (and most interior) photography is done by me.

The guide has listings for the following:

  • Activities & Programs
  • Arenas
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Birthday Party Ideas in YEG
  • Classes & Support
  • Community Services Information
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Education
  • Family Date Ideas
  • Festivals & Events
  • Festivals & Tradeshows
  • Finessing Our Current Economy
  • Healthy Living
  • Help is Just a Phone Call Away
  • Libraries
  • Natural Products Found in YEG
  • Parks & Protected Areas
  • Preschools
  • School Boards & Associations
  • Skateparks
  • Snowshoeing
  • Summer Camps
  • Swimming Pools, Spray Parks,  Waterparks
  • Tennis Courts
  • Tobogganing
  • Wavepools & Waterslides
  • #YEG Shopping, Services & Fun Stuff

You can pick one up at select locations, or download your own below.

Be sure to check out the Edmonton’s Child Magazine regular issues on their website, which I will soon be completely redesigning (can’t wait!!) and don’t forget to follow them out on social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.


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After having a studio for awhile, I thought that I would find it hard to leave and shoot at client homes… but I’ve actually really enjoyed it. It’s really fun for me to find different areas of your home to shoot in with completely different light. Sometimes it can be a challenge… but I’ve never backed down from a challenge 😉

A few weeks ago I went over to Margo and Chris’ gorgeous new house for their maternity session. We had lots of fun chit chatting and watching them interact in their own space was so much better than trying to pose them in a studio setting. Here are a few from our session.


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I’m now booking for summer & fall family sessions. I loved all of my full sessions last year. Having the time to spend with each of you, allowing children to relax (and dads too sometimes!) and getting the perfect light is really what makes these sessions so amazing. I will still be booking full sessions and they are definitely my preference.

With the economy the way it is right now, I’ve decided to make a few changes. I’ve dropped my pricing by $200 for the digital files, so now instead of $1400 for all of the files it’s $200 (deposit) and $1000 after the session.

I’ve also decided to bring back the family mini-sessions, but in very limited quantities. I still want to have 45 minutes to an hour with each family, but will be editing only 15 photos instead of a full session’s 35-45 photos.



Dates Available
July 16, Aug 20, Sept 17, Oct 8
(max 6 sessions per day)

choose 10 digital files (from the 15 edited files)
10 5×7 prints


Dates Available
mornings or evenings from June 1 – October 15

$200 session fee
$1000 for all the digital files (35-45 files)

More family photos and description here Family Session Information.


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