Child Photography

"In raising my children I've lost my mind but found my soul."

Child Photography Sessions

I'm always a little surprised when I see a photo of one of my kids from a year ago. They grow up, and we see them every day, but the changes that are apparent when you look back just one year are crazy. I want to stop time and keep them little... clearly I don't have those powers, but I can make sure to take photos of them at each age and stage so I can hang on to those memories. I take photos of my kids around their birthday every year. It's a marker for me to celebrate with them but to also remind myself of what they looked like at that time. 

Sessions for children can be part of a family session, but you can also book a session for specific milestones (like birthdays!) or plan a special session celebrating something they currently love. Maybe it's baking, dance, soccer or reading. It's all about them and showcasing who they are at that time.

"I hope you

know you're

capable &

brave &


Even when 

it feels like

you're not."

Child Photography Session Investment

Mini Session / $500
30-45 minute session
10 high resolution digital files

Full Session / $1000
1-1.5 hour session
35 high resolution digital files

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I book my session? 

It's great if you can book ahead about 2 months. If you haven't it's always worth checking with me though as I might still have room for these small sessions on short notice.

2. Where will we shoot?

If it's during the cold months we can shoot at an indoor location or in your home. During the spring, summer and fall I prefer to shoot outside. I have various locations throughout Edmonton and Sherwood Park that I regularly use and I am open to any suggestions.