Newborn Photography

"You're my favourite reason to lose sleep."

My Newborn Photography Sessions

Newborn sessions are all about capturing the emotion of meeting your new little one. I like to focus on natural newborn set-ups, but those can also include some posed photos. Relationships play a key role in these photos and I love to get some photos showing the connection between the new baby and parents and siblings. Newborn sessions generally take 1.5-3 hours and take place in your home.

"And then my soul"

saw you

and it kind of went

oh, there you are

I've been looking

for you."

Newborn Session Investment

Digital Files Only / $1200
1.5 - 3 hour session
35 high resolution digital files

Digital Files & Print Collection / $1400
1.5 - 3 hour session
35 high resolution digital files
$300 print credit

*Prints, canvas and albums are available a la carte.
Files can also be purchased individually for $80/file.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I book my session? 

It's best to book your newborn session when you are about 6 months pregnant. If you wait until you have your baby I may not have the space to fit you in.

2. What areas will you drive to?

I will do newborn sessions in Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton and St. Albert. Please enquire if you are outside of those areas and would like to book a session.

3. How old should my baby be when we shoot?

I like to plan to have the session at between 5-12 days old. This helps ensure the baby is nice and sleepy which makes shooting the session much easier!

4. What if my baby doesn't sleep or is very cranky for the session?

If your baby doesn't want to sleep at first I will usually shoot some awake shots, family photos and relaxed photos without posing him/her. I also give you plenty of time to feed and settle without feeling rushed. If baby doesn't settle down and is very cranky after a few hours I will usually see what shots I have once I get home and consult with you after that to see if you would like to book a reshoot. In my experience most babies will settle, even if it takes a few hours of feeding.

5. Can my spouse and children be in the photos?

Yes! I love to get photos of the whole family, some of just mom with baby, siblings together and dad with baby. These may not be posed photos, but more about showing the connection between the new baby and each member of the family. While I like to include some of these photos in the session, it's also important to have time to focus on the newborn as well. I find that 3 hours is the max time for everyone involved so we talk about your priorities as we see how everyone is feeling and focus the attention on what is most important to you first.

6. Is there anything I should prepare for the session?

Ideally there is a room with a large window of soft light that has space for me to set up if you would like any posed photos. It also helps to have the heat turned up to help baby stay warm (and asleep) through the session. If you have any special items you would like to include please have those handy as well.