professional headshots

Headshots Photography FAQ

Answers to your frequently asked questions about headshot photography.

What is a Headshot?

A headshot is a modern portrait in which the focus is on the person. A good headshot should create a connection with your audience, to give them a sense of who you are, your brand, and your story.

What Should You Wear for a Headshot?

This is always a personal thing. I recommend that you wear what makes you feel good. Plain colors are the best choice. Patterns or prints distract and can date your photo. Choose mid-tone colors in blue, green, wine, and purple because they are universally flattering.

Why Are Headshots Important?

A good headshot allows your audience to get an idea of your personality before they meet you. A smile portrays approachability. A serious look represents determination.

Can You Take Headshots on-site at Our Office or Venue?

Yes I do! To make life more manageable for group headshot sessions, I can bring my mobile studio to your office or other location.