Eye-Catching Amazon Product Photography

Enhancing Your Amazon Listings

Turn browsers into buyers with professional Amazon product photography.

In a highly competitive Amazon marketplace, cutting corners with your product images is simply not an option. The importance of high-quality product photography and compelling infographics cannot be overstated. These visual assets play a crucial role in increasing conversions and effectively selling your products.

Amazon has specific technical requirements for its product photography. It can be overwhelming to read and understand these image standards and terms. These requirements help ensure consistency and quality across all product listings on their platform. These include the file types, colour modes, image sizes, and percentage of product to frame.

I specialize in capturing the usage and quality of your products, showcasing them in their best light on the world’s largest online marketplace. With my expertise and creative vision, I bring your products to life, capturing their unique features, textures, and details to entice potential customers.

My passion for photography combined with my knowledge of Amazon’s guidelines and requirements, ensures that your product images stand out from the competition, leaving a lasting impression on shoppers. From captivating lifestyle shots to crisp product close-ups, I deliver professional and visually stunning imagery that elevates your brand and boosts sales.

White Background Images

Achieve Amazon selling success with professional white background photography: captivating, high-quality images that boost conversions and enhance your product listings.

The success of your product ultimately hinges on its visual representation. Amazon suggests the first photo in your listing should have a pure white background (RGB 255, 255, 255) and take up 85% of the frame. Without lighting and editing software, this is very difficult to do on your own. I am set up to shoot small to medium-sized Amazon products with professional light set up in my studio. Lighting it the correct way from the start allows for a seamless editing process to get sharp images with consistent shadows and bright white backgrounds.

For most customers, product images are the initial point of interaction before delving into listing descriptions. This presents a golden opportunity to make a positive impact on their purchasing decisions. Since customers cannot inspect products in person, providing comprehensive images from various angles is vital to ensure they have a clear understanding of what they are purchasing. Compelling and high-quality main hero images serve as an enticement, drawing customers into your product detail page.

Lifestyle Amazon Product Photography

Elevate your Amazon product listings with engaging lifestyle photography: visually showcase your products in real-life contexts, captivating customers and driving conversions.

The inclusion of multiple images and infographics significantly contributes to boosting your conversion rate. As more customers visit your listings, the likelihood of them making a purchase increases. It’s important to capture images of products in a real-life setting that aims to create a narrative around the product, showcasing how it fits into a consumer’s lifestyle. This type of photography can help consumers imagine themselves using the product and provide a deeper emotional connection to the brand. Lifestyle images also provide an idea of scale in comparison to other well-known items.

To create compelling lifestyle product photography, it’s important to choose a setting that resonates with the target audience and showcases the product in a natural way. This might involve photographing the product being used in a relevant context, such as a kitchen appliance being used to cook a meal, or a piece of clothing being worn in a social setting. The goal is to create an aspirational image that appeals to consumers’ desires and lifestyle choices. With the right approach, lifestyle product photography can help businesses build brand awareness and drive sales by creating a more emotional connection with their target audience.

The Ultimate Sales Tool: Product Photography

The success of your product ultimately hinges on its visual representation. Please see below options for investing in your product photography.

The Necessities


• 2 white background images
• 2 lifestyle images
• 1 infographic

Small products with hand models only.

Stepping Up


• 3 white background images
• 3 lifestyle images
• 1 infographic

Small products with hand models only.

All In


• 3 white background images
• 4 lifestyle images
• 2 infographics

Small products with hand models only.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Products Do You Shoot?

My photography experience includes a wide variety of products that you would normally find on any ecommerce site.

How Do I Ship My Products?

You can ship your products using the carrier of your choice to:

Karey Wood Photography
2012 Garland Court
Sherwood Park

*please save the tracking number and include in an email if possible*

How Do You Return My Products?

After we shoot your product photos, we will ship your products back to you via UPS or FedEx Ground at an additional cost. If you don’t want your items returned, we can also donate them to a local charity. Simply let us know when you place your order.

How Are My Photos Delivered?

After the product photography process is complete, we will email you a link to download your images.

Do you optimize photos for selling on Amazon?

Yes, we will provide you with image files that are 100% compliant with Amazon and Ebay’s selling requirements.

I need a complete advert or brochure made up, can you do this?

Absolutely. I have years of experience working with advertising agencies in Canada producing first class creatives. Get in touch if you require a quote for full graphic design, typesetting or any other creative work.