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High-Quality Images that Convert

Product photography is equal parts art and business. You have a story to tell, a product to showcase and my job is to blend your business and my creativity into something that represents your product and your brand.

Product photography is a powerful tool that showcases products in their best light, capturing their unique features and details. With professional techniques and lighting, it brings products to life, attracting customers and boosting sales. Whether you need white background images or a lifestyle shoot, I can help!

In the competitive world of e-commerce, high-quality product photography plays a crucial role in building brand credibility and enticing potential buyers. From vibrant colours to enticing compositions, it creates visually appealing images that effectively communicate the value and desirability of products.

Whether you need high-quality product photographs for e-commerce websites, catalogs, advertising campaigns, or social media, I am here to help you make a lasting impression on your customers. I collaborate with my clients across Canada to make sure that we showcase the unique details, craftsmanship, and story behind your product.

Skin & Beauty

Captivating skin and beauty photography that showcases the allure and quality of your beauty products.

Amazon & E-Commerce

Increase your online sales with white background images and lifestyle photography that highlights the usage of your product.

Health & Wellness

Capturing the essence of health and wellness products through visuals that inspire and motivate.


Capturing the brilliance and details of jewelry requires specific expertise in lighting and post-production.

Home Products

Photographing home products involves skillfully showcasing them in relevant and stylish settings, allowing the client to visualize using them.

Furniture and Building Suppliers

I capture furniture and building supplies in studio, commercial and residential settings to showcase their beauty and functionality.

Amplify Your Brand's Visual Story


My commercial photography process blends meticulous planning, creative vision, and technical precision to capture captivating images that elevate brands and products.

Consultation & Quote: We will begin with an email questionnaire about your product and your vision. Understanding your brand identity, target audience, and desired style will allow me to create images that align perfectly with your goals. From there I will quote, working with you on budget and timeline. If everything aligns I will send over a detailed contract.

Planning & Styling: To create striking product photographs, attention to detail is key. I’ll work closely with you to plan the shoot, considering factors such as styling, lighting, props, backgrounds, and composition. We will work together to create a mood board, purchase or make props and plan the shoot. If you are mailing me items, you would send them over at this point.

Yay for Shoot Day! On the scheduled shoot day, I’ll use my expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to capture your products in their best light. Depending on our plan, I may be shooting in my home studio, a rented studio or outside. From lighting setup to composition and angles, I’ll employ techniques that highlight the unique features and qualities of each item.

Post-Production: Once the shoot is complete, I’ll meticulously edit and retouch the images to enhance their overall quality. This includes colour correction, background removal, and any necessary touch-ups, ensuring the final product photographs are flawless and ready to impress your customers. Once payment is complete, I release the photos through an online portal.

Building a Custom Image Library

A custom image library is a centralized collection of pre-approved images that have been carefully selected to represent your brand. With a custom image library, you can guarantee that all visual content created for your brand is on-brand, on-message, and aligned with your brand's values.

Consistency: By creating an image library, you ensure that all of your brand’s visuals are consistent in terms of quality, style, and messaging. This helps to build brand recognition and make your marketing materials more effective. Building brand awareness can make all of your marketing efforts more efficient.

Efficiency: When you have a well-organized image library, you can quickly and easily access the images you need for a particular project. This saves time and ensures that you’re always using the most up-to-date visuals. No more digging through a million folders on your computer, trying to find the perfect photo.

Cost-effectiveness: Hiring a photographer to create custom images for every single marketing campaign can be expensive. By building an image library, you can reuse existing photos and still create fantastic content. I can help you plan monthly content that you will be able to use year after year.

Brand storytelling: Images can be a powerful tool for telling your brand’s story. By curating a collection of images that reflect your brand’s values and mission, you can create a more authentic and compelling narrative, helping your target audience imagine themselves using the product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Products Do You Shoot?

My photography experience includes a wide variety of products that you would normally find on any ecommerce site. I can shoot on location in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto or you can send you products to me to shoot in my studio.

How Do I Ship My Products?

You can ship your products using the carrier of your choice to:

Karey Wood Photography
2012 Garland Court
Sherwood Park

*please save the tracking number and include in an email if possible*

How Do You Return My Products?

After we shoot your product photos, we will ship your products back to you via UPS or FedEx Ground at an additional cost. If you don’t want your items returned, we can also donate them to a local charity. Simply let us know when you place your order.

How Are My Photos Delivered?

After the product photography process is complete, we will email you a link to download your images.

Do you optimize photos for selling on Amazon?

Yes, we will provide you with image files that are 100% compliant with Amazon and Ebay’s selling requirements.

I need a complete advert or brochure made up, can you do this?

Absolutely. I have years of experience working with advertising agencies in Canada producing first class creatives. Get in touch if you require a quote for full graphic design, typesetting or any other creative work.