The Artistry of Architectural Photography

Unleashing the Power of Light and Lines to Tell an Authentic Story

Architectural photography is a highly specialized field of commercial photography that combines technical expertise and artistic choices. It’s is more than just documentation; it is an art form that encompasses various styles and approaches.

Through a careful balance of light and shadow, I strive to capture the essence of each architectural space, highlighting its unique features while maintaining a genuine visual representation. Through my work, I aim to create images that stand the test of time, evoking a sense of realism and leaving a lasting impression.

Each space tells a unique story, and my goal is to find the perfect fit between your objectives, brand messaging, and stylistic choices. My background as an art director and commercial photographer empowers me to harness the power of negative space, light, and lines, crafting a visual story that truly comes to life.

By understanding your goals and vision, I ensure that the resulting photographs not only showcase the architectural marvels but also align seamlessly with your overall brand narrative. Together, we can create a visual language that leaves a lasting impression and works seamlessly into your existing marketing materials.

Capture Your Space Authentically


My commercial photography process blends meticulous planning, creative vision, and technical precision to capture captivating images that elevate your marketing materials.
  • 1.
    Consultation & Quote
    • We begin with an email questionnaire about your project and your vision. Understanding details like the usage, styling and mood, square footage and number of photos will help me determine if I’m a good fit for your project. From there I will quote, working with you on budget and timeline. If everything aligns I will send over a detailed contract.
  • 2.
    Plan & Shoot
    • Once we have a signed contract we work together on the details for the shoot as well as a final shot list. On the planned shoot day, you’ll see me and my tripod, a few cameras and lenses. I don’t carry a lot of equipment and use available light and multiple long exposures that I edit into one final image. My approach revolves around the artful play of light and shadow, accentuating the distinctive design and structural elements within each space.
  • 3.
    Post Production
    • I’m drawn to a more natural post-processing technique over the artificiality of HDR images. Once the shoot is complete, I’ll meticulously combine multiple exposures to create the most realistic and interesting composition. I retouch the images to enhance their overall quality including colour correction, removal of any distracting elements, and sharpening.

Amplify Your Brand's Visual Story

Commercial Buildings

Capturing the allure and functionality of commercial spaces through stunning architectural photography that tells a story.

Residential Buildings

Bringing the beauty and warmth of residential spaces to life through captivating architectural photography.

New School Builds

Showcasing the innovative design and inspiring environments of new school builds through captivating architectural photography.

Seamless Collaboration

Capturing the Essence of Design, Engineering, and Craftsmanship Through a Unified Approach

As an architectural photographer, collaboration with various professionals such as architects, engineers, interior designers, developers, contractors, furniture and building manufacturers, and specialized contractors is essential.

By fostering a cohesive partnership, we can collectively determine the specific marketing needs of each group, enabling me to capture photographs that cater to everyone’s requirements simultaneously.

This collaborative approach ensures that the architectural photographs not only showcase the overall design and aesthetic appeal but also highlight the technical aspects and intricate details that are important to engineers and contractors.

By understanding the unique perspectives of each stakeholder, I can create a comprehensive visual narrative that effectively communicates the vision, functionality, and craftsmanship of the architectural project.