Stunning Commercial Building Photography

From Blueprint to Marketing Magic

Throughout my experience in commercial building photography, I have worked with a diverse range of businesses. Each project presents unique objectives and specific shots to capture. However, the common thread among them is the shared desire to showcase their expertise, connect with their target audience, and project a strong brand image.

I have the privilege of capturing the essence of modern design and structures through my lens. With each photograph, I aim to showcase the intricate details and unique angles of commercial buildings. From the towering skyscrapers to the sleek office complexes, I meticulously compose each shot to bring out the beauty and functionality of these structures. The interplay of light and shadows adds depth and dimension, highlighting the craftsmanship and vision behind each building.

Commercial building architectural photography is a powerful tool for marketing teams. As a photographer, I play a crucial role in helping architects, developers, engineers, contractors promote their projects, showing their expertise visually.  I capture the attention to detail and showcase the functionality and aesthetic appeal of commercial buildings. These photographs become powerful marketing tools, enhancing social media, websites, and advertisements, and captivating potential clients and investors.


My commercial building photography process blends meticulous planning, creative vision, and technical precision to capture captivating images that elevate your marketing materials.
  • 1.
    Consultation & Quote
    • We begin with an email questionnaire about your project and your vision. Understanding details like the usage, styling and mood, square footage and number of photos will help me determine if I’m a good fit for your project. From there I will quote, working with you on budget and timeline. If everything aligns I will send over a detailed contract.
  • 2.
    Plan & Shoot
    • Once we have a signed contract we work together on the details for the shoot as well as a final shot list. On the planned shoot day, you’ll see me and my tripod, a few cameras and lenses. I don’t carry a lot of equipment and use available light and multiple long exposures that I edit into one final image. My approach revolves around the artful play of light and shadow, accentuating the distinctive design and structural elements within each space.
  • 3.
    Post Production
    • I’m drawn to a more natural post-processing technique over the artificiality of HDR images. Once the shoot is complete, I’ll meticulously combine multiple exposures to create the most realistic and interesting composition. I retouch the images to enhance their overall quality including colour correction, removal of any distracting elements, and sharpening.

Amplify Your Brand's Visual Story

  • Architects
    • An architectural photographer is instrumental in showcasing an architect's vision and design expertise. By capturing the essence of their recent projects, these professionals can effectively communicate their unique style and attract potential clients.
  • Interior Designers
    • Utilizing an architectural photographer allows interior designers to showcase their creativity and attention to detail. Capturing the ambiance and functionality of their designs, these professionals can exhibit their expertise and inspire clients.
  • Engineers
    • Engineers can benefit from architectural photography to showcase their structural innovations and technical prowess. These visuals emphasize the engineering achievements, helping them gain recognition and future collaborations.
  • Business Owners
    • Utilizing an architectural photographer is crucial for business owners to showcase their commercial spaces. These photographs enhance their brand image, attract customers, and create a positive impression of their establishment.
  • Manufacturers of Building Materials
    • Architectural photographers play a crucial role in highlighting the quality and versatility of building materials. Through their images, manufacturers can showcase the applications and aesthetic value of their products, targeting potential buyers and industry professionals.

Seamless Collaboration

Capturing the Essence of Design, Engineering, and Craftsmanship Through a Unified Approach

As an architectural photographer, collaboration with various professionals such as architects, engineers, interior designers, developers, contractors, furniture and building manufacturers, and specialized contractors is essential.

By fostering a cohesive partnership, we can collectively determine the specific marketing needs of each group, enabling me to capture photographs that cater to everyone’s requirements simultaneously.

This collaborative approach ensures that the architectural photographs not only showcase the overall design and aesthetic appeal but also highlight the technical aspects and intricate details that are important to engineers and contractors.

By understanding the unique perspectives of each stakeholder, I can create a comprehensive visual narrative that effectively communicates the vision, functionality, and craftsmanship of the architectural project.

Amplify Your Brand's Visual Story