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A brand is your voice, your story, and how clients perceive your business. The choices you make in the presentation of your brand should be deliberate. From your logo and website to the imagery you present, you are telling a story to your audience. Let’s tell the story that is uniquely yours.

As a graphic designer for over 20 years and a photographer for ten, I’ve gone through the process of building a strong brand with many clients. We start with defining your target audience and come up with your brand strategy. We uncover what makes your brand unique and find the words and visuals to express it in the simplest way possible. Your logo, website, and print materials all need to tell the same story with specific guidelines.

Every business, whether you offer a product or service, needs a professional presence online. A professional website and social media channels are necessary for your customers to find you to learn about who you are, what you offer and see your expertise within your market. Your environment, staff, products, and culture are best represented with a combination of thoughtful words and authentic imagery.

Whether you want to tell the story of your business, illustrate your expertise in an industry or show the beauty of the product, I can help you create a consistent visual brand through both design and photography. One of the best investments you can do for your business is to create brand awareness through consistent design and photography choices. Marketing in today’s climate is about showing your expertise and unique selling points in an authentic, professional way.


From brand strategy & logo creation to web design and printed marketing materials, I have you covered.

Brand Strategy & Design

Your brand is made up of so much more than a logo, website, and great looking font choices. It is those things, and they are important, but a brand is your voice, your story, and how clients perceive your business. The choices you make in the presentation of your brand should be deliberate. From your logo and website to the imagery you present, you are telling a story to your audience. You may only have half a second to make an impact. Let’s tell the story that is uniquely yours.

Web Design

I work with you to create beautiful, functional websites designed and optimized for today’s mobile devices. I work closely with a digital marketing specialist to build your site in a way that is good for SEO and overall digital marketing purposes because there’s no point being beautiful if no one can find you! I build in elements that will help you run your business as smoothly as possible. I work with writers and programmers that are experts in their field and manage the project from start to finish.

Print Design

We all know how important digital marketing is, but sometimes having tangible marketing materials is also important. I’ve worked with brands big and small on many different types of print design projects, from business cards and brochures to large product catalogs and billboards. By using someone that can work in both digital and print medium, you save yourself the hassle of dealing with multiple people as well as the costly overhead of an agency.

Social Media Strategy & Management

Social media has consistently grown in popularity since 2004, and are now a major source of many brand’s marketing tools. They are unique in that you can interact directly with your customers. They allow you to reach a large audience for a much lower cost than many traditional marketing channels. A less polished aesthetic is acceptable on social media, but shouldn’t be abused. If used correctly, it has the power to transform your marketing plan. I can help you plan, post, advertise and track your social media efforts.


I'm passionate about social media, but not for the reasons you might think. I have built my own business on social media marketing and know how powerful it can be when it's harnessed in a way that resonates with your clientele. I'd like to help you do the same.

Good social media marketing is about delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right time to drive sales but to also build awareness and relationships. Potential clients look at your website, but often a more authentic and honest observation of a company is through its social media channels. That’s how you get to know what happens daily, and it’s an ideal opportunity for you to talk about your values, products, and expertise in bite-sized amounts of information. All of that awareness builds confidence, and when their friends also follow you and rave about your work, it results in new clients.

I now offer Social Subscriptions for clients that need help with everything from brand strategy and photography, to content creation and posting. We will set goals and talk about what it takes to create the social media presence you’ve been dreaming of. Email or call me to discuss how we can work together to give a consistent presence to your brand.

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