Visual Storytelling with Personal Brand Photography

Embodying Personal Brand Identity

Personal brand photography is a powerful tool that combines visual storytelling and individual identity to create a compelling narrative.

It goes beyond traditional headshots and delves into the core essence of a person, capturing their personality, values, and unique story. It focuses on expressing your voice, narrating your story, and influencing how clients perceive your business. Through carefully curated visuals, it evokes emotions and engages viewers.

Every aspect of your brand presentation, from your logo and website to the visuals you share, should be purposeful. Your audience forms an impression within a split second, emphasizing the need for impactful storytelling. With over 20 years as an art director and photographer, I’ve helped numerous clients build strong brands.

Navigating the demands of social media, where fresh and captivating visual content is essential, can be overwhelming. I can help you through the entire process, encompassing brand strategy, print and web design, and personalized brand photography. Together, let’s craft a distinctive and compelling story that is exclusively yours.


Show the world who you are, who your brand is, through a brand photography session.

Environmental Brand Session
I love seeing people in their element. People light up when they talk about what they are passionate about, and even more when they show me! That light in your eye when you are in doing what you love is what I want to capture and make it easy to share your passion with your audience. Whether you’re a fitness professional, artist or foodie, a brand session would be a great place to start telling your social story.

The Professional Brand Session
The best way to gain new customers is to show your expertise in your industry. One of the easiest ways to reach a lot of people is through social media, and the way we capture attention on social media is through imagery! I can help you show your customers why they should come to you for advice through imagery for your social media and marketing materials.

Products Brand Session
Sometimes the story is about the product, rather than the person. In this case, we work together to tell the story of your brand through your product photography. I will help with styling and collaborate with you to show your product in the best light possible. Whether you’re selling food, flowers, blankets or clothing, I’d love to work with you!

The Outdoor Oasis
Getting close to nature is so powerful, but often it’s hard to capture what our eye sees in a camera. Skies are blown out, colors don’t look as vibrant as they really are, and the whimsical beauty of flowers and sunsets are hard to capture. I adore the shots with wide open skies and sun-kissed flowers. I also love showing close-ups of the bees & butterflies and the hands that tend the soil.

Amplify Your Brand's Visual Story

Building a Custom Image Library

A custom image library is a centralized collection of pre-approved images that have been carefully selected to represent your brand. With a custom image library, you can guarantee that all visual content created for your brand is on-brand, on-message, and aligned with your brand's values.

Consistency: By creating an image library, you ensure that all of your brand’s visuals are consistent in terms of quality, style, and messaging. This helps to build brand recognition and make your marketing materials more effective. Building brand awareness can make all of your marketing efforts more efficient.

Efficiency: When you have a well-organized image library, you can quickly and easily access the images you need for a particular project. This saves time and ensures that you’re always using the most up-to-date visuals. No more digging through a million folders on your computer, trying to find the perfect photo.

Cost-effectiveness: Hiring a photographer to create custom images for every single marketing campaign can be expensive. By building an image library, you can reuse existing photos and still create fantastic content. I can help you plan monthly content that you will be able to use year after year.

Brand storytelling: Images can be a powerful tool for telling your brand’s story. By curating a collection of images that reflect your brand’s values and mission, you can create a more authentic and compelling narrative, helping your target audience imagine themselves using the product.

Brand Photography FAQ

Answers to your frequently asked questions about brand photography.

What Is Brand Photography?

Brand photography is professional photography that authentically represents the person or business it captures. These photos can include you, your team, your products, your process, your space and other things that make your business unique.

What Makes A Good Brand Photo?

You have probably already noticed that the best brands have strong visual representation, in the form of consistent colours, design elements, signatures, and photographs. These elements when combined ensure that you’re presenting a consistent, memorable brand to your consumers.

Why Is Personal Brand Photography Important

Personal brand photography is one of the most effective ways to enhance your positioning as an expert in your niche and instantly connect with your readers or customers. Engaging, professional photography will give your personal brand another layer of trust and appeal.