Photography Policies

1. Karey Wood Photography will perform basic post-processing or digital image editing services on these photos where artistically necessary.

2. Fees: In consideration of the photography services provided by Karey Wood Photography, CLIENT agrees to pay the predetermined sum. CLIENT agrees to pay the Karey Wood Photography a non-refundable initial payment totaling 50% (fifty-percent) of the total price of the photography services upon signing this contract. The initial payment reserves the Karey Wood Photography’s time and is not a retainer or deposit. Karey Wood Photography agrees to not advertise the availability of this same time slot to any other potential clients. If CLIENT cancels this shoot for any reason, the initial payment will not be returned to CLIENT. The balance of the payment for photography services must be paid in full no later than 7 days after the SHOOT detailed in Section

1: Scope of Work. If CLIENT is required to purchase photos separately after the SHOOT, payment for those photos is due before delivery of photos to client.

3. Work Product Karey Wood Photography will deliver proofs of photos to CLIENT no more than thirty days (30 days) after the date of the SHOOT. CLIENT understands and agrees that proofs are the exclusive property of Karey Wood Photography and CLIENT has no right to these photos except for a license to review them, but not store the proofs. All photos delivered to CLIENT are licensed for CLIENT’S personal use only. Photos from the SHOOT to be delivered to the client will be according to the following order.

If photos are included in the price for photography services, the following will constitute the entirety of photos to be delivered to client and licensed for personal use only.  CLIENT understands and agrees that prints take longer for delivery. Karey Wood Photography must deliver photos in a reasonable amount of time after the CLIENT has made a final order.

4. Indemnification: 4.1 – Karey Wood Photography and CLIENT agree that Karey Wood Photography is under no obligation to capture any specific moment or pose or person(s) during the SHOOT. 4.2 – If Karey Wood Photography is unable to perform the services in this contract due to any cause outside its control, client agrees to indemnify Karey Wood Photography for any loss damage or liability; however, Karey Wood Photography will return in full all payments made by CLIENT to Karey Wood Photography in relation to this SHOOT.

4.3 – CLIENT agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Karey Wood Photography for any liability, damage, or loss related to technological failure, including data loss.

4.4 – CLIENT understands and agrees that Karey Wood Photography is not required to maintain copies of the photos from this shoot 60 (sixty) days after the photos have been delivered to

CLIENT. 4.5 – CLIENT agrees to hold Karey Wood Photography harmless for any personal injury which may occur as the CLIENT poses or works with Karey Wood Photography.

4.6 – Karey Wood Photography will strive to present photos in a workmanlike manner but is not required to cater to specific aesthetic preferences of CLIENT.

5. Duty of Client CLIENT will obtain all permissions necessary for Karey Wood Photography to photograph at the SHOOT. Karey Wood Photography has no duty to obtain the permission of reception centers, churches, buildings, properties, or other locations to operate thereon. CLIENT understands and agrees that any failure to obtain these permissions resulting in fines to Karey Wood Photography, or which prevent Karey Wood Photography from photographing the event(s) is not the fault, liability, or responsibility of Karey Wood Photography.

6. Exclusive Karey Wood Photography CLIENT agrees and understands that no other party other than Karey Wood Photography may take pictures of any poses, lighting situations, or setups made by the Karey Wood Photography. This slows down the Karey Wood Photography’s work and violates the Karey Wood Photography’s right to take pictures of the event. CLIENT agrees to take responsibility for insisting that no person(s) get in the way of the Karey Wood Photography or take pictures in these situations.

7. Model Release CLIENT grants permission to Karey Wood Photography and its assigns, licensees, and sublicensees, permission to use CLIENT’S image or likeness in any and all forms of media for commercial purposes, advertising, trade, personal use, or any and all other uses. Therefore, Karey Wood Photography may use CLIENT’S likeness and image on Karey Wood Photography’S website or other advertising. Karey Wood Photography may sell photos containing CLIENT’S likeness to third parties.

9. Assignability and Parties of Interest: CLIENT agrees and understands that, unless otherwise specified in this Contract, CLIENT is not contracting for a personal service that will be performed by any specific Karey Wood Photography. Karey Wood Photography may sub-contract or assign this contract to any second-shooter, Karey Wood Photography may assign any Karey Wood Photographys associated with the PHOTOGRAPHY COMPANY to perform its duties under this contract. All Karey Wood Photographys must be capable and competent to perform the services in a workmanlike manner.

Gift Certificate Policies

Please read carefully:

* If a certain amount is indicated in Gift Certificate it can be used to cover session fee and digital files, no prints, canvas or any other art displays can be covered with that amount. Please refer to my price list to see what your voucher will cover or feel free to contact Karey Wood Photography to discuss. Or if a certain package / photo session / service / item etc is indicated, then it covers only the services / goods that are specified in the certificate.

* Gift Certificates do not have an expiry date, but if a certain services / goods are indicated in a gift certificate and the price for them has changed, the recipient shall pay the difference.

* Gift certificates can only be redeemed at with Karey Wood Photography. They may be exchanged for goods / services of a higher price than the face value of the certificate only on payment of the difference.

* The photography session is to be held at a time and location agreed to by the Karey Wood Photography and is non refundable but can be rescheduled due to weather or illness. A fee of $40 applies if the date is changed by the client in less than 7 days.

* The photography session is to be held within 30 km of Karey Wood Photography unless stated on the gift certificate.

* Gift certificates are not-transferable and not redeemable for cash. Gift certificates are not refundable in whole or in part.

* Karey Wood Photography will not accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged vouchers.

* Should a recipient wish to purchase further prints/albums over and above the value of their gift certificate, then these will be charged for at our normal rates.

* The gift voucher is for the recipient and their immediate family only. It can be used for children session, maternity session, newborn session, adult portraits or pet session. The number of people in the photo shoot depends on the package you will choose. With the exception if otherwise is indicated in the certificate.

* Karey Wood Photography will only accept the value of the gift certificate upon presentation of the original certificate (which will be hand signed by one of our members of staff). Copies will not be accepted.

* Gift certificates cannot be used to purchase further gift certificates.

Karey Wood Photography reserves the right to change any terms contained in the Terms of Use at anytime.