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It’s the last day of school for Bella… and this momma is feeling so happy to have the kids home for the summer but a little bit sad for the year to be over. Gabe and Lacey have 2 more days left and then the summer fun begins! It’s been a great year for all three of these guys. We’ve had ups and downs, tears and laughter like every house does. I’m both proud and sad to watch them grow up… it’s bittersweet. I’m definitely feeling the pull between holding them close and letting them go. At the end of the day, I just have to hope I’ve taught them to be kind, to love themselves, to be respectful and to never give up on what’s important to them. I’m not sure I’m always successful, but I’m always trying.


This year has been a pretty amazing one for Bella. She’s grown so much.

I was honestly terrified for her going to school at the start of the year. I didn’t know how she would be socially, if she would be able to keep up physically with her peers and if she had any chance of gaining some ground academically. It’s been a hard year. I didn’t know what to expect, and in some areas I’m sad that she hasn’t made much ground… but in others she’s grown in amazing ways. My fear of her not having friends is gone. She’s been lovingly accepted into the hearts of her teachers, friends and DA’s and I really do feel that she’s loved. There’s nothing better than that for this momma.

She has a lot of work to do academically and we’re really not sure what’s going to happen with it next year, but we’re giving her the best start we can. Next year she will be doing kindergarten again both morning and afternoon and getting a ton of repetition. I’m excited to give her that opportunity to catch up and have high hopes that she will do really well next year.

I can’t express enough how amazing her team at GRIT has been for her. Thank you to Ooi Lin (physio), Julie (SLP), Katie (OT) and her amazing teacher Rachel. Thank you for your support, advice and advocacy for Bella. Her DA, Becky, has made this year so wonderful in her everyday life. I can’t thank you enough for all of the love and support you’ve given Bella. She has so many new skills because of you.

Her team at Wes Hosford has been amazing as well. Thank you, Mrs. Borbe for being such a strong foundation for us this year. Coming into the school system with a special needs kid is hard, and you’ve given me so much time and calm support when I needed it most. You’ve given Bella an amazing start to her school career. The EA’s in her classroom have been the absolute best as well. Thanks to Mrs. Platz she gets some of the humor and silliness that she sees at home, and so so much love. And thank you, Mrs. Langille, for taking her under your wing the last few weeks and helping her transition to the changes next year. I know she’s excited and happy to have you helping her next year and so are we!


Lacey has learned a lot this year as well. She learned that girls can be dramatic and sometimes pretty mean. She had a fair bit of anxiety through the year, but we’ve been working on it and although she comes by it honestly, I think she has a good start to building tools to help her through the times that are hard. She’s made some new friends at school and hung on to her bestie since grade one and is starting to find her confidence and ability to advocate for herself. It’s been a wonderful growth year for her emotionally and socially. She’s had a constant support with her teacher this year as well, Miss Lerbekmo. Thank you, Kim, for working through all of the girl drama, anxiety and silliness this year.

She’s also found a love of reading and writing. She’s in the end stages of writing a story about a flower growing up and some of the lines in it blew me away. She has this ability to spin words in a creative and witty way that I can’t wait to watch evolve. I’ll share the story when it’s ready here as well! She’s an artist and a maker through and through. You can’t throw away anything in this house without her digging it out of the recycling and creating some kind of scene or item with it.

She’s also become a pretty amazing big sister and friend to Bella. They play and laugh and she’s so accepting of her. She teaches her and pushes her to learn new things… sometimes to my surprise actually. I didn’t think Bella could reach the water dispenser in the fridge to get her own water but the next thing I know Lacey is telling her she can do it… and she can!

She’s my little mini-me… she feels everything intensely, but she’s finding ways to creatively express herself and I couldn’t be more proud of who she is becoming. She’s brave and caring and a total dreamer. I’m in awe watching her grow into herself this last year.

Dream on baby girl.


Oh Gabe… how I wish you would stop growing. My son is now turning into a man and I literally hate it. He’s still a little boy in my heart but he’s now as tall as me and could easily outpower me. This is his last year in elementary school and I had better wear waterproof mascara on grad day because I’m so proud of the person you are becoming. Expect big, embarrassing waterlogged eyes.

This is going to be a hard year for him to leave. He’s had an amazing teacher and EA for two years that he’s grown very attached to. Thank you, Mrs. Murray, for being such a strong role model for Gabe. You’ve solidified his love of reading and his desire to do well in school. I loved seeing all of the positive affirmations on your wall today. Thank you, Mrs. Elliot for all of the hard work you do supporting all of the kids. You’re great at helping Gabe to see humor in daily life and to bring laughter to his day. You’ll both be missed by him so much.

He has a heart of gold, still calls me mommy and hugs me in public without flinching. He’s learned to stand up for himself when he needs to, but in a kind way. And honestly, if he can be anything I’m glad it’s kind. He’s found a passion in football in the last year and I’m loving not only the physical challenges but also the character building that it is bringing. He’s finding a new family in football and I love that there are so many people, both teammates and players that have a growing bond.

Next year is junior high. I’m sure there will be struggles and girls and all kind of different things that we’ve dealt with parenting so far… but I think I’m pretty lucky to have such a respectful and loving kid.


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